Mixed Media And Mothers At LABA

by Susan Reimer-Torn
New York Jewish Week / January 30, 2014

When was the last time you thought about – or stopped thinking about – this: “It’s not so simple to love your mommy.” Israeli novelist and philosopher Ruby Namdar surprises his audience at the 14th St.

Dual Identities

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by 14th Street Y
14th & 1st Blog / January 14, 2014

LABA Fellow, Tom Block, is a multi-dimensional artist presenting a premier play and art sponsored by LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture.

Machiavelli in America

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A Book by Tom Block, 2014

Machiavelli in America traces the roots of America’s tough take on political power to the Florentine thinker. From the Founders (c. 1770s) through today’s rough-and-tumble political panorama, Machiavelli's rationale has been adopted in domestic politics as well as international relations.

A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God

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A book by Tom Block, 2012

“A Fatal Addiction” explores the “violence of God” tradition as it exists in all religions (including Buddhism), and then examines how this dynamic is flipped, with political leaders using spiritual and religious language to sell war to the general public.  http://www.algora.com/391/book/details.html

Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity

Cover of Shalom/Salaam
A Book by Tom Block, 2010

From FonsVitae.com:
Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity is a groundbreaking study introducing to the popular reader, the story of respectful and loving interfaith relations between Sufis (Islamic mystics) and Jewish spiritual thinkers for nearly one thousand years.  From the inception of Islam, to the Golden Age (8th-12th centuries) Jewish-Sufis of Arabia, North Africa and Spain, through the Kabbalists in Spain and the Holy Land, and then into 18th century European Hasidism, Islamic and Jewish ideas commingled to influence both paths, as well as strongly influencing the Jewish mystical system.

Associate Producer on full-length feature film: Being Dead

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Wed, 2018-10-03
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I will operating as the Associate Producer on the production of "Being Dead," a full-length feature film by 21 Summit Productions, written and directed by John Meyers.  "Being Dead” is a film adaptation of Jim Crace’s award-winning and groundbreaking novel of the same name.

Acting in the web Series "Gay Stuff"

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Mon, 2018-06-25
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After our wildly successful premier at the People's Improv Theater on May 15, writer/director/producer Jamie Benson has decided to make a web series from Gay Stuff, including the piece I was cast in (as the clueless and not-so-kind cis heterosexual White male husband) "Gaysplainer."  Stay tuned for the final product! 

Puffin Foundation grant for the Development of "La Bestia: Sweet Mother"

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Thu, 2018-03-01
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The Puffin Foundation awarded "La Bestia: Sweet Mother" dance/theatre project a monetary grant, joining the Yip Harburg Foundation as supporters of this project.

Interview: OPEN: Celebration of Black Men, Beauty, Poetry and Restorative Nature

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Mon, 2018-03-05
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Featured work in the Dramatist Magazine

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Mon, 2018-01-15
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