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Sun, 2016-06-05
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I will be teaching my third semester of coursework under the Institute of Prophetic Activist Art umbrella.  I am expanding to two courses next semester, the Prophetic Activist Art seminar I have taught the last two sessions, plus a Great Books course, looking at spiritual wisdom thinkers from the past three thousand years.

Great Books: An exploration of mystical core of all religions

September 19; October 10, 17, 24November 7, 14, 21, 28;  December 5, 12 and 19.

Prophetic Activist Art (the class I have taught the last two sessions)

September 20, 27; October 11, 25; November 15, 29; December 6 and 20        




Great Books

Mystical Foundations

Artists and activists have a very strong sense of spirituality, yet often do not consider themselves “religious.”  So from where is the spiritual wellspring from which they draw?  This course will help expand and develop an understanding of spirituality outside of religion’s social, political and legal grasp.  For a full semester, we will explore many thinkers who have plumbed the depths of the human spirit, yet were not always in accord with religious precepts. They range in time period, religion and ethnicity to include the full breadth of humanity – from ancient China through Greece and Rome, into medieval Europe and then the modern world.  Taken together, they can provide an important foundational intellectual and spiritual structure upon which to build a prophetic activist career. 

This course will be reading-intensive, in the area of 150 pages every week.  All texts will be provided free, emailed in pdf format.  Please be aware that this reading will be mandatory – class conversations will revolve around what we read the previous week.  There will be no writing assignments.  The price of the course is $150, which includes all digital texts.

The course syllabus will be as follows:


Mondays, 2-5 pm @ Dixon Place


September 19: Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy

September 26: Buddha: The Dhammapada

                            The Long Discourses of the Buddha

October 10: Chuang Tzu: The Essential Chuang Tzu

October 17: Wisdom of Ancient Seers (Hindu Vedas)

October 24: Tibetan Book of the Dead

November 14: Aurelius, Marcus: Meditations; Epictetus: Enchiridion;  

                            Plotinus: The Heart of Plotinus

November 21: Eckhart, Meister: Selected Writings

November 28: Rumi Fihi ma Fihi

December 5: Buber, Martin: Tales of the Hasidim

                        Imagining Holiness

December 12: Weil, Simone: Waiting on God

December 19: Merton, Thomas: Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander


Prophetic Activist Art        

Strategies for a Spiritual Revolution


The Institute offers an intensive workshop to build individual art-activist projects over the semester-long seminar. Classes include an introduction to the specific aspects of the Prophetic Activist Art model (developed by Tom Block out of his own work), and then an exploration about how these ideas can be applied to each artist and their endeavor.

The Institute will consist of 12 activist artists who would like to build their projects during the semester-long seminar, basing their work on Tom Block’s manifesto/handbook of art activism: Prophetic Activist Art: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution  (Centre for Human Ecology, Scotland, 2014).  Mr. Block ( will be running the seminar.

Building out from the belief that it is – and always has been – the artist’s obligation to raise the human gaze to their highest spiritual possibility, this model utilizes art to infiltrate and co-opt political, business and social structures to inspire specific and quantifiable social change.  Prophetic Activism is based on the idea that true social transformation must come from within societal pillars, and the best manner of implementing change is to influence these power centers.

The eight session seminar will introduce artists to the specific ideas of the model, including co-opting political, business and social energy; partnering with non-profit groups; making liaisons with other artists; utilizing unusual exhibition and outreach methods; “Machiavellian” activism; how to build a project from inception through completion; how to imagine and successfully attain quantifiable activist goals and other specific aspects of a Prophetic Activist Art intervention.  We will explore the minutiae of writing cover letters, approaching political and social leaders for their support, finding non-traditional manners of reaching audiences, raising awareness through press releases, media outreach, advertising and manner of aspects of the theory.