"The Interview" at the Long Island City One Act Play Festival reviewed

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Thu, 2015-09-10
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The one-act festival that "The Interview" was a part of was reviewed in the Queens Chronicle:

"None of the plays are shorter than 10 minutes, and in the second of four programs, several of the most successful shorts created irresistible magic in that time, whereas some of the longer acts don’t do enough with their time. The greatest challenge of the playwrights seemed to be creating a story that goes somewhere fascinating. The format’s limitations are no excuse for bland repetition or poor rendition.

In Tom Block’s “The Interview,” viewers are compelled to ask: Will a playwright find a director for his first New York production, or be swallowed whole by her? It’s entertaining, despite its unreached potential. Some of the other acts share its structure (with conflict played out formulaically), but this was the most successful of its ilk."

I've certainly had worse than that!  Full article here: http://www.qchron.com/qboro/stories/embark-on-deep-adventures-one-act-at-a-time/article_0b90b17a-f1f4-5e07-86f8-f40a67b973ed.html?TNNoMobile