Sub-Basement - Athena Theatre Company producing at 59 E 59th Street Theaters (NY)

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Sat, 2014-10-18
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Just received the contract for a play I have been developing with Veronique Ory, Founding Producer of Athena Company.  The work, "Sub Basement," follows the tale of a French Canadian woman, Adrienne, an erstwhile poet, who has been sent to NY by her father for one last week on vacation, before she enters into the field that he has chosen for her: Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Woman.

But something undeniable stirs in the depths of our heroine: the desire to create, to be a poet, to live life to the fullest, the restraining structures of normalcy be-damned.  

The man her father found for her on the Internet - Simon - meets her at the bus station and immediately sets her off on the straight path.  But something goes terribly amiss; Adrienne escapes into some interminable night where she meets a homeless dramaturge and out of work translator; is taken high up in some East Village tenemant to meet a guru who tries to get her to eat plantain chips, undergoes a dramatic fall on the subway and is pursued through the shadows of night by her now fiance Simon, who got engaged to her after she had fled from him initially.

In the end, with the Father pounding south on horses hooves to save her (again, we are to learn) from the creative desires that well up from within her, and with Simon offering to take her to a psychiatrist in the morning, Adrienne makes an irrevocable decision.  And all is either lost or found, depending on your point of view.

We are hoping to bring this play to the off-Broadway 59 E 59th Street Theaters in the next (2015-16) theater season.  Al-hamdillulah.