The Fool Returns - novel in pre-release

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Tue, 2014-09-16
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Just signed the contract and finished proofing my first novel, in pre-publication and being officially released this December, of The Fool Returns.  Tom Block's The Fool Returns centers on the idea that Medieval Jewish mystics discovered the underlying impetus for current political issues between Jews and Muslims in the Biblical story of Isaac and Ishmael (Genesis 21).  They set a 500-year quest in motion, which was coming to fruition in 1992, when a hapless bartender had a card made from human bone thrown into his lap in the middle of the night, on the #1 train in Manhattan.

What ensues is a voyage – both physical and spiritual – which takes Bill far from his banal life as a bartender into lost Iberia, where he meets an increasingly bizarre collection of crypto-Jews who have been waiting for him, descends into hidden “bone chapels,” must leap across the vast space of a psychic abyss, work his way through subterranean tunnels deep beneath the city of Cáceres, Spain and bring the card to its final destination, somewhere on the other side of a bordello in the ancient Alfama district of Lisbon.


All the while, he is pursued by a shadowy figure from his past, a man named “Hoopoe,” who also has been awaiting the apparition of this same card.


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