LABA Fellowship

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Wed, 2013-08-21
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I just received the news that I have been accepted as a LABA Fellow, where I will spend the next year visiting with a select group of other artists (in all media) in a secular "beit midrash."  We will be meeting once or twice a month to discuss Jewish texts around the theme of "mother," and then I will be creating a full-length play and series of accompanying paintings.  The final product will be seen in the 14th Street Y's (East Village, NY) state-of-the-art off off Broadway theater next summer, as part of the LABA art festival.

Throughout the fall, I will be undertaking a series of creative explorations as a part of the fellowship, including exploring precursor creation myths to the Torah (Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Zoroastrian, Greek, Hindu and Etruscan); writing poems based on these myths; sketching mothers - current, latent and impossible; writing a series of ten minute plays on the subject; keeping an illustrated journal of my memories of my own mother (in Arabic), and finally, next spring, bringing it all to fruition.

Can't wait to get started in about a month!  For more information about LABA, please visit: