Vernissage: Kiss the Name of the Nine Muses Goodbye

September 8, 2012
3766 Howard Ave
Kensington, MD 20895,
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Art opening for this month's exhibit at Adah Rose Gallery in Kensington, MD.  From the Gallery's website: Tom Block—artist, poet, playwright, and activist—channels all of his roles in his series, “In the Garden of the Mystical Redoubt” and “Settlement.” His form of Neo- expressionism, which incorporates raw energy, art brut, and graphic design, belies a sensitivity to the multitudes of the human condition. Whether through black and white portraiture, abstract mixed-media collage, or text-based work, Mr. Block aims to garner empathy for his subjects who embody the idiosyncrasies and tendencies of humans which are at the same time unique and universal. From the angst of “Suburban Boy” to the exuberance of the “Rock and Roll Mystic,” Mr. Block conveys a range of emotional states which remain essential to his work. 

Tom Block graduated from Vassar College in 1987. He began his career as a writer and activist. He began painting as an additional outlet for his activism. He has shown in over 25 exhibitions, and was the creator and curator of the Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival in Maryland in 2010. He has most recently exhibited at the Mishin Gallery in San Francisco and the DCAC show “Zeitgeist” in Washington, DC. In June 2012, his play, White Noise, was performed at the Fridge Gallery. The play is the first of a trilogy exploring the intersection between human spiritual urges and contemporary society.