Opening Celebration for the School of International Service, American University

August 23, 2013

Washington, DC ,


event image

I have been invited to create an art/text project for new students highlighting the goals of American University's School of International Service (SIS).  We are going to create two huge mural pieces together, fusing text with imagery of their own creation.
The SIS opening celebration is an event that welcomes students, faculty, and staff to the new year. The celebration is geared toward freshman and presents these undergraduates with their first opportunity to enter the SIS building as enrolled students of the school. This year, the celebration will introduce them to the new marketing campaign for 2013-2014, “The great challenges of our time demand a global perspective.”

The campaign has been used in publications and features a SIS faculty members with a specific question that they are trying to tackle. Some questions that have been used are: Can we stop the spread of nuclear weapons? How do we reconcile power and justice? How can water security be a gateway to peace?

We want to encourage students to ask their own questions.