"Jung's Chair" reading at the Dramatist Guild

August 21, 2020
1501 Broadway Ste 701
New York, NY 10036,


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My play "Jung's Chair" -- rewritten for this reading -- will be hosted by the Dramatists Guild, as part of their Friday Night Footlights program.  

Danny is studying the writings of Carl Jung for answers.  He lays down for a nap.   He dreams he is in therapy.  He tries to talk through his problems.  It turns out that the Therapist is the one with the secrets.  Danny can take no more and pulls out a gun.  Danny is in the Therapist’s chair and the Therapist is lying down.  The therapy chair confers wisdom and an extensive vocabulary.   The Therapist shares his secrets.  They are Danny’s repressed memories.  Danny is alternately at peace with his new role and terribly uncomfortable.  Chloe, Danny’s wife, dances into the Therapy session.  She too has secrets. …A metaphor is wheeled onto the stage…. Sometimes one is leading, sometimes another – leadership takes many forms.  The play ends.  The actors filter downstage for a talk-back.  They have a difficult time leaving their characters.  Time is either circular or a point.  Love might be one answer to the paradox of life.


Directed by Katrin Hilbe.  Starring James Michael, Jehan O Young and Carolyn Seiff.


The play will be read on Zoom.  For access information, please register on Eventbrite.