Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree - staged reading

April 10, 2015
1810 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009,
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"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" - developed with Ellie Renfield (professor in the masters program of directing at the New School for Drama, and Broadway and off-Broadway director) will have its first reading in the Washington DC area, as a re-written version of the play that was read at the Ensemble Studio Theater last November.

The play explores issues of intimacy, as well as the idea that a single path taken - or, in this case not taken - might effect us for the rest of our lives. 

Irving, our anti-hero, was not able to kiss his high school sweetheart under the apple tree, when they wrote poetry together for hours on end.  We meet him at the end of his life, a renowned psychiatrist who never married, who is undergoing court-ordered psychotheraphy due to a felony conviction for growing marijuana.  "How do you stem the pain?" he asks his arresting officer.

What ensues is a voyage into his own psychic past, spurred on by the psychotherapist's "Trans-Positional Psychotherapy," so that he can understand why he didn't act, and perhaps overcome it at the end of his life.