Danny and the Therapist - reading at the Lincoln Center Rubenstein Atrium

April 27, 2015
61 W 62nd St
New York, NY 10023,
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Athena Theatre Company will be reading my play "Danny and the Therapist," which I just expanded from a one-act to full length piece. The one act was developed with Sanctuary: Playwrights Theater and then received a staged reading at the 14th Street Y Theater (directed by Katrin Hilbe) in December 2013.  This is the first developmental reading of this full-length piece.

Danny is in therapy.   But it turns out that the Therapist is the one with the secrets.  Danny pulls out a gun to try and make the Therapist listen better.  But the Therapist wrestles the gun from Danny and makes him switch places.  Danny is in the Therapist’s chair and the Therapist is lying down.The Therapist shares his secrets.  Danny is alternately at peace with his new role and terribly uncomfortable.  Chloe, Danny’s wife, dances into the Therapy session.  She too has secrets.  She too takes a turn on the couch.

A metaphor is wheeled onto the stage.  Is the whole scene just a metaphor?  If so, for what?  The three grow confused, as they trade roles back and forth.  One shoots another, but it is just a metaphor.  There is talk of love and ultimate meanings.  Sometimes one is leading, sometimes another – leadership takes many forms.  The play ends.  Then ends again.  Finally, after the third ending, it is over.