"Comic Book" at the Hudson Guild Theater

March 7, 2016
441 W. 26 St.
New York, NY 10001,
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My bizarre play "Comic Book" will be read (by a stable of wonderful actors I have worked with over the past couple of years in NYC) at the Hudson Theater on 26th Street, as part of the Competition.  Can't wait to hear this one out loud again!  And see the strange, 30-second video -- the New Myth -- which offers the structure for the exploration of being and non-being, society and emptiness.

Comic Book opens with Sterling, an anthropology professor, alone in a room, the last survivor in a world that has disappeared.  His only clue to rebuild human civilization is a short video, which offers an original myth from which to rebuild.  The 30-second video involves two children and obscure action – and holds the clues to the way forward to rebuild humanity.

Wallace, a risk assessor at an insurance company and a hidden poet, is thrown into the room.  Sterling informs him they are the last two men alive and they must rebuild humanity.  They argue.  Is it a hospital?  A jail?  Finally Wallace asks: if they are really charged with rebuilding human civilization, aren’t they missing something?  Just then, Lethe slides into the room. Sterling is not surprised. 

A homeless man, Benedict, ambles into the room.  He is hungry and looking for food.  Then the orderlies – Pat and Chris – bustle in with clipboards.  So perhaps it is a hospital.  The other inmates tie them up, untie them, then tie them up again. Which do the orderlies want?  To be constrained or free?  And which would prove that the inmates are in charge, and not the orderlies?

Benedict exits and returns as a doctor.  Lethe goes home to help with her child’s bake sale.  Sterling is overwrought.  There is a fight.  Lethe re-enters.  What the hell is this place?  The characters bleed offstage until only the original two men are left. Wallace announces that he and Sterling must fight to the death.  Sterling doesn’t want to.  There is a fight to the death which is halted by the lights powering off. 

The lights power back on.  Lethe is sitting in front of the television set, eating popcorn.  She turns on the TV.  The odd video comes on.  She stands and through her action, shows us that everything we believed about where the characters are is incorrect.  They have been somewhere else entirely.


STERLING: Josh Wolonick

WALLACE: Patrick Bolger

LETHE: Kenzie Ross

BENEDICT: James C. Tilton

PAT & CHRIS: Rose Lamoureux

Video: by Tom Block