A Great Many People

mixed media on wood and canvas
54" x 48"
A Great Many People

"A great many people enjoy a war, provided it is not in their neighborhood and not too bad."
- Bertrand Russell

"The public opinion which punishes every violent act of the private individual, praises, exalts as the virtue of patriotism, every appropriation of other people's property made with a view of increasing the power of one's own country." - Leo Tolstoy

"In the 9th and 10th centuries even killing in war was regarded as a sin requiring expiation. Burchard of Worms, in the 11th century, equated killing in war with ordinary homicide and assigned 7 years of penance. In the Anglo-Saxon penitential of Theodore of Canterbury, a soldier who killed a man in war was obliged to a 40-day fast, even though he may have killed his enemy in the 'ordinary line of duty,' under the obedience of his officer." - Thomas Merton