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Mysticism in the Theater: What's Needed Right Now

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A book by Tom Block - 2022

Mysticism in the Theater introduces theater makers to the power and possibility of using historical mystical ideas to influence all aspects of a production.

The Fool Returns

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A novel by Tom Block - 2014

Prophetic Activist Art: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution

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A book by Tom Block, 2014

U.S. Major General (ret.) Charles Tucker noted of Prophetic Activist Art:

"Tom Block is a visionary at the intersection of art and conscience.  Written with style and conviction, his new work is a “must read” for those searching for an ethical fulcrum from which to nurture equity, justice and human security."

Machiavelli in America

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A Book by Tom Block, 2014

Machiavelli in America traces the roots of America’s tough take on political power to the Florentine thinker. From the Founders (c. 1770s) through today’s rough-and-tumble political panorama, Machiavelli's rationale has been adopted in domestic politics as well as international relations.

A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God

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A book by Tom Block, 2012

“A Fatal Addiction” explores the “violence of God” tradition as it exists in all religions (including Buddhism), and then examines how this dynamic is flipped, with political leaders using spiritual and religious language to sell war to the general public.  http://www.algora.com/391/book/details.html

Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity

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A Book by Tom Block, 2010

From FonsVitae.com:
Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity is a groundbreaking study introducing to the popular reader, the story of respectful and loving interfaith relations between Sufis (Islamic mystics) and Jewish spiritual thinkers for nearly one thousand years.  From the inception of Islam, to the Golden Age (8th-12th centuries) Jewish-Sufis of Arabia, North Africa and Spain, through the Kabbalists in Spain and the Holy Land, and then into 18th century European Hasidism, Islamic and Jewish ideas commingled to influence both paths, as well as strongly influencing the Jewish mystical system.

Seek Wisdom

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Black Horse Review/January 9, 2021


J.T. lays on his back Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

He is up the long African river into Burundi.


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Big Windows Review / October 2, 2020


Through the Window

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North of Oxford/April 1, 2019

My essay, "Through the Window," was published in North of Oxford Journal:


White Picket Fence

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North of Oxford/March 1, 2019

My essay "White Picket Fence" published in North of Oxford Journal

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