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Silver Spring, MD
Produced by Thomas Block

Letter from the Festival Executive Director


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first ever Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival, a multi-media event that fuses the passion of artists with the values of Amnesty International. No human expression reaches into the soul, as does art. Since our founding art and artists have played a powerful and central role in Amnesty International’s fight for human rights as a means to further our goals.

In the spirit of our movement this venture is being completely led by volunteers, from Producer Tom Block, to each individual artist. The hundreds of production volunteers, Amnesty International members and artists are all lending their services to this event for free, to help further the goals of universal human rights, justice and freedom. We are deeply thankful for their contributions.

I hope that you will find the time to come to the Festival and enjoy the art/advocacy events, which span the creative impulse from visual art and music to theater, dance, film, installations, spoken word and other media. Not only will you appreciate the beauty of the artists’ work, but you will also come away with a deeper understanding of the specific human rights for which Amnesty International campaigns and how different people around the world are working for social transformation in different cultures.

If you cannot come to Silver Spring in April, please take a moment and join Amnesty International. Your membership is vital to us; by clicking the link below, you can become one of the millions of people worldwide who are taking action and bringing about changes to make our world a more just and equitable place for all of us.

Many thanks – and I hope to see you in Silver Spring, MD this April!


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Norman Lear joins the Art Festival Executive Committee

Norman Lear (American television writer and producer who produced such sitcoms as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude, as well as founding People For the American Way) has signed on as Executive Producer of the first ever Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival. In officially joining the endeavor, he sent along a note to Art Festival Producer Thomas Block that said: "I couldn't admire more your idea and plan for the Human Rights Arts Festival."

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